Social Enterprise

Present new opportunities to social innovation and commit with the society


Our social mission is using 3D printing technology and skills to improve local and foreign people with disabilities living and increase the job opportunities, so that they can integrate into the community.

Product and Service

3D Printed Prosthetics is a group of people make use of our own free time to work together to create the best, most convenient and most affordable 3D printed prosthesis to needy children and adults, finally to improve the lives of local and global disabilities. The team hopes to bring technologies of open source 3D printing prosthetics into mainstream medicine and local community.

Started from 2014, we have approached some local disabled people with severe upper limb disabilities and have gathered prosthetic experts and hobbyists in 3D printers, 3D design tools, mechanics and electronics and created some prototype prosthetic hands for the testing. We hope the children's parents, rehabilitation physicians and therapists, experts and hobbyist to openly discuss the best design for the recipients through our discussion platform and finally to create the best suitable prosthesis to the needy.

DBS social innovators 2016

Our 3D printed prosthetic had entered the 10 finalist in DBS social innovators 2016.

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