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A.I 人工智能編程課程
(Artificial Intelligence Made Simple:
10 lessons to master Coral Dev. Board) 

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Artificial Intelligence Made Simple: 

10 lessons to master Coral Dev. Board

In this course, students will understand some inspiring mathematical and biological theories of artificial intelligence from using daily applications of AI technology. Then, they will get hands-on experience in using AI-related software and hardware and coding.


1. The daily application and social impacts of AI 

2. The relationship between neural networks and machine learning

3. The similarity between the human brain and AI neural network

4. Hands-on experience in AI-related software and hardware 

Through using Coral development boards, we will code for different purposes, such as voice recognition, image classification, voice recognition, object tracking and machine learning. 


Project-based learning

1. The Tensor flow API application

2. Modifying the AI coding


An E-learning platform is provided for self-learning in making and coding the Coral development board.  



1. 語音識別

2. 物件識別

3. 顏色識別

4. 物件追踪

5. 機械學習

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