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Face ID soldering pack

Simple soldering pack

Soldering LEDs for complete circuit 


Miniature Robot Arm Kit

The kit include:

1  Set x Acrylic Parts
1 x Arduino Uno R3
2 x Joysticks

1 x Sensor Shield
1 x USB Cable 

4 x SG90 Servos


*Bluetooth Module Available

Vibro-Bug Kit

The kit includes:

1 x Printed Circuit Board

1 x 2.7V 1F Capacitor

1 x Vibrator

1 x Micro-switch

1 x 1N4007 Diode

1 x 3.6V Zener

1 x 100 ohm Resistor


Bicycle Generator Kit

The kit include:

1 x 5V穩壓直流輸出器

1 x 電容放電器

1 x 發電單車 (圖片只供參考 Image for reference only) 




Robot Kit with Turnable Head

The kit include:

1  Set x Acrylic Parts

1 x SG90 Servo

1 x Battery Box

1 x Servo Tester

1 x Ping Pong Ball

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